About love it


We are a group of designers, business people, and educators seeking love in the least likely of places – within our industries. By developing the capacity to learn about love, we believe great change will propel us forward into a new and more human future. This is just the beginning – a loveless world is a sightless world.

Why love? Why should it have a bearing on these industries? Well, that’s the conversation we’re starting. By sharing stories & perspectives about love that affects us, we are posing the following questions: What would love look like? What would love feel like? How would we learn to work with love, to design with love, to educate with love? If you can’t see it, you can’t affect it.  So we begin by seeking eye widening perspective on the subject of learning love.

It’s about open dialogue so we invite you to comment on what you read here or submit your perspective or story.

“…a loveless world” Jesus said, “is a sightless world…” – John 14:23 (msg)
Got something to share? More than just a comment?
We love open dialogue! Send us a brief (250 words or less) summation of your unique perspective on love affecting design, business, or education and any links or images that support it and we’ll publish it along with your name.
Send your thoughts to: loveit@dossiercreative.com

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