Jack Welch on Saying What you Believe

Another recent takeaway I learned from Jack in his interview on leadership was his unique perspective on candor… my interpretation, ‘openness on steroids’. Jack explained the importance of candor in an organization and that companies must do everything to stop the ‘meeting after the meeting’ syndrome… you gotta love that! He advised that this is so destructive and acidic that you must do everything to make this an unacceptable policy in your organization.

While it’s not easy to speak one’s mind – as Jack further explains in his bestselling book Winning, he points out that philosophers argue that not being open is actually about self interest (self love) more than not wanting to hurt others. So an interesting thought might be that a little more candor, a little more openness and a few more wide eyed discussions in business organizations… could enhance our collective ‘seeing’, result in more clarity and a little self love (self preservation instincts).

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